An OHM One Off: Just want to pick my brain? Have you always been curious about nutrition? Have some specific questions? Come on in for one 50-minute session and see what comes up for you, and get the answers you want.

Kickstart Your Nutrition: Four 50-minute sessions over a two week period, covering the basics in nutrition, identifying your goals, touching on your current roadblocks, and supplying you with a clear jumping off point to begin your path to optimal health.

Renewal Program: (Available to graduates of 3- or 6-month program) Continue our work together in greater depth, find a deeper focus on specific areas of concern, or look at entirely new goals. For clients who simply value my support and desire an ongoing maintenance program, we can renew the same program or create a customized program moving forward.

Nutrition in Schools: Take it to the classroom! An in-depth lesson teaching kids from First Grade through Twelfth Grade how to maintain their energy levels, deal with stress, get better sleep, read food labels, reduce that 3pm snack attack, illustrate what sugar does to their young bodies and minds, find sweet food alternatives, and get a smoothie demo showing them just how good these healthy foods can taste. I’ve had the pleasure of working with kids at Carthay Center Elementary School, Westridge School & Marlborough School.

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