kayden_nytimes_150x325Spencer Kayden, Tony-nominated Actor & Mom, Los Angeles, CA

Here’s how I used to be: I was tired all the time. I was lumpy. I ate until my stomach hurt, then I lay down.

I knew I needed to make a change. I contacted Leslie not only so she could help me lose the extra pounds I had been carrying around (my fat pants had long ago become my pants pants), but more to guide me through the process of realistically changing my lifestyle.

She taught me how to be mindful about food; not just what I ate but how I ate it. (It turns out I never used to put my fork down during a meal, just shoveled it in as quickly as possible. And chewing? It’s like I had never heard of it.) We found healthy options for my salty and sweet cravings. She pointed me towards delicious and doable recipes. Not to mention the Vitamix she encouraged me to buy and which I use every day. Leslie was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and she instinctively knew when I needed a kick in the butt.

This adventure with Leslie has been transforming in so many ways. I lost 20 pounds (and have easily kept them off) and I am more motivated to exercise, but more importantly than that, I have my self-esteem back. I was fairly convinced that I couldn’t do it, wouldn’t be able to make these changes, or couldn’t stick to them. But I did. The life energy I have gotten from knowing that I do still have that kind of discipline and drive is priceless. I will always be grateful for the compassionate and enthusiastic way in which she helped me transform back into a person I was excited about being. I even like shopping for pants now.

Joceyln Guest, Writer & Butcher, Los Angeles, CA

When I showed up at Leslie’s front door, I was in tears (no, really) and living on a diet of Goldfish crackers and Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s. She took my recently-dumped, headed-for-diabetes ass and whipped it into shape. She’s a magician. And the best part? You feel like you’re doing it by your own strength of will, courage, and downright determination. But don’t be fooled. This woman guided me through my own weight loss (of about 30 pounds) and completely renovated the way I see and interact with food. It wasn’t just something to stuff in my face at work, food was something I could use to take care of myself and love myself. And, when I ate something shitty (hello, cream cheese and wheat thins!), Leslie wouldn’t freak out or judge me or demand penance, she just simply asked what was up. Because, newsflash, Leslie made me realize that food isn’t just about food–it’s about what’s going on in your mind, how much you’re sleeping, what you’re obsessing about when you’re not sleeping and, in my case, what you’re watching on Netflix.

I can’t say enough how much Leslie has changed my life. I went from a fat, self-loathing New Yorker to an almost-Californian who comparison shops kale at the farmers’ market, meditates every morning, and stocks up on B-12… just in case. If I’d known I’d be this person a year ago, I would have laughed, but I’m so glad I met her and we worked together to get me where I am today. Because I’m happier, healthier and will (hopefully!) live longer–at least that’s what my palm reader tells me.

T. Brown, Teacher, Los Angeles Private School (School’s name withheld)

Leslie has an amazing rapport with my students in my ninth grade Health class. The classes are extremely engaged; Leslie is a dynamic speaker-entertaining and knowledgeable.  She teaches with humor, personal  stories  and really interesting and relatable facts about Nutrition, life skills and overall well being.  Truly a great experience!

I made kale chips!

I made kale chips!


Clare, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

I loved working with Leslie. Meeting with her every two weeks was like catching up with an old friend. She listened well and offered personalized recommendations for my unique needs. There is not a judgmental bone in her body. I always felt safe and cared for in her office. I lost weight as a result of working with her. More importantly, she helped me adopt a healthier lifestyle by showing me that the choices I make about food affect the way I feel and vice versa. I would recommend her to anybody!


Sabrina, Visual Effects Producer, Los Angeles, CA

Leslie showed me how to modify my eating habits, satisfy my appetite and incorporate an exercise routine into my hectic schedule. She will exceed your expectations! Not only did I find her full of information and easy to work with, but she was motivating and helped me surpass my nutrition and fitness goals. Leslie is very approachable and always has a way to help solve a roadblock or excuse with multiple back up suggestions. Her overall style of consulting is great for anyone because she is flexible and able to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

Pammela, Writer & Super-Mom of Three Amazing Kids, Los Angeles, CA

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about Leslie and the dramatic changes she helped me make in my life. Because she’s not just about food. Or weight loss. Or self-esteem. (Although that’s part of it too.)
When I started seeing Leslie, I was unhappy, 25 pounds heavier and couldn’t seem to get rid of the weight. Leslie taught me how to look at food differently, how to be aware of what I’m eating, how much, how often and sometimes why. I’ve learned to love her amazing green protein shakes, kale, quinoa and other weird food I never thought I’d even try, as well as appreciate the real taste of so many things I used to eat mindlessly. She introduced the concept of balance to my life, as well as meditation and too many other way cool things to count. She was supportive of my weight loss – held me accountable without making me feel guilty. She is full of light and positive energy (as hopelessly new-age-y as that sounds) and can’t help but share that. She’s a true gem – plus she will make you laugh like a crazy person. I love her!





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